Smartphone app launched to accurately record accident details

The accident industry in the UK is thought to be worth in excess of £3 billion a year and unscrupulous operators and crime gangs are rife. 

Insurance premiums have been steadily increasing to compensate for the growing personal injury compensation culture and now the Government has said that referral fees will be banned.

Personal injury solicitors are concerned that the Government’s changes will mean that genuine accident victims will be unable to access the justice they deserve.

Last week saw the launch of iAccident®, a new smartphone app that enable accident victims to capture immediately the key information they require to validate their personal injury claims and protect themselves from fraudsters.

The app has been launched under its brand name, but also as a white label product so that industry providers can distribute it with their own branding and connect it to their own systems.

iAccident is designed to be user-friendly and can be downloaded and used free of charge. It incorporates GPS functionality to record accident data accurately. All images are stamped with the time and geo-location and encrypted reports go straight to the iAccident database.

The system is compatible with those used by insurance companies. Accident victims submit their reports via their smartphone and can choose whether to let their own insurance company deal with the matter or have iAccident deal with it.

iAccident® director, Roland Maguire, said the compensation culture in the UK is characterised by insurers selling on claims to personal injury lawyers and consumers being urged to claim for injuries that do not exist. The iAccident app will put consumers in control and hopefully put unscrupulous operators out of business. If enough people use the app, we could see insurance companies decrease premium costs.



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