Protect others and claim if you have a personal injury at work

A leading firm of personal injury solicitors has said that failure to make a claim for a personal injury at work could result in colleagues suffering a similar accident.

The injury solicitors explained that when an accident victim makes a personal injury claim, it ensures their employer takes steps to address the problem and make sure the hazard is made safe. Accidents at work can be extremely serious and in some instances lead to death. Employers might brush the incident under the carpet if the victim does not pursue the matter and claim personal injury compensation. 

A lot of people are worried that life at work will become uncomfortable, or worse still they will lose their job, if they take action against their employer. However, claims are dealt with by an accident solicitor and the employers’ insurers, so the employee doesn’t need to lock horns with his boss.

The person accountable for the accident has to be made aware of the problem and make changes to ensure the safety of the workforce. Personal injuries can have a devastating effect on an individual’s quality of life and they are entitled to expect recompense.

Accidents at work can be caused by dangerous machinery, lifting and manual handling of heavy objects, slips and trips, exposure to toxic substances and violent attacks by customers, or in the case of hospital workers, from patients.


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