Oxford boy wins medical negligence claim for birth injury

One Oxford boy has recently prevailed in his his medical negligence claim, as injuries sustained during his birth which caused oxygen deprivation have led to him receiving a personal injury compensation package in the multiple millions, experts report.

Blackbird Leys native Dontay Crooks, now six years old, had suffered damage to his brain during his delivery at Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital due to birth complications that led him to be starved of oxygen, according to personal injury solicitor experts writing for the Oxford Mail newspaper.  Now suffering impairment to his vision and prone to epileptic attacks, little Dontay requires 24 hour care in order to function on a day to day basis as a result of his birth injury.

Damali Ochiela, young Dontay’s mother, made a birth injury compensation claim against the NHS Trust for Oxford University Hospitals, stating that her son’s injuries were caused by the over use of a drug designed to induce labour.  While the NHS Trust initially disputed its liability for the young boy’s medical woes, it has since agreed to settle out of court, which the High Court in London has recently approved.

As a result of the settlement, the injured six year old boy will now receive a lump sum of one million pounds, to be followed by yearly ongoing payments for as long as he lives in order to pay for the care and ongoing support he requires to function.  One of the legal professionals that worked on behalf of little Dontay to receive the compensation remarked that, while it could not be definitely proven that hospital staff had been negligent, the over administration of the drug did indeed cause the young boy’s oxygen starvation.

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