Ex-policewoman claims £500,000 personal injury compensation

An ex-probationary policewoman has lodged a personal injury claim after her career was cut short in a road traffic accident.

Jocelyn Lyons, a 34 year old from Armagh Northern Ireland, is claiming £500,000 personal injury compensation from the Kent police force for the accident she says forced her to retire from the force after less than 12 months service.

Miss Lyons was sitting in the front passenger seat of a police car when it crashed into another vehicle while responding to an emergency call. She told her personal injury solicitors that the crash had ruined her career and left her with mental health problems including tendencies towards suicide.

The Kent constabulary accepts responsibility for the accidents and the injuries sustained by the victim. However, it disputes the amount of her compensation claim, saying Miss Lyons already had a vulnerable mental state prior to the accident occurring.

The case is currently being held in the High Court in London.

Meanwhile, the mother and grandparents of a girl injured in a Scottish branch of Boots have lodged compensation claims against the store.

Baby Alyssa received a fractured skull after a rolling pin fell out of a window of the Lochgelly branch of Boots and hit her on the head. The child has since fully recovered but has been left with a permanent bump on her head. Both the mother and grandparents claim they should be awarded compensation for the distress the accident caused them. Perhaps not surprisingly, Boots are contesting these claims!



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