Council employees paid £228k in personal injury compensation

New figures have recently revealed that North Lincolnshire Council employees have been paid in excess of £228,000 in personal injury compensation over the past four years.

Personal injury solicitors worked overtime to secure compensation for personal injury at work such as workers falling down holes, colliding with objects, getting their hands caught in machinery, and slips.  2009 was the date of the largest payout, when worker that had been diagnosed with mesothelioma, a particularly aggressive form of lung cancer linked to asbestos exposure, received £47,751 in compensatory damages, figures show.

The second largest payout occurred in 2007, when a worker suffered serious injuries to their hand when it was caught by a piece of machinery.  As a result of their injuries caused by the razor-sharp they had been attempting to adjust, the council paid their injured employee £43,138.

The council also paid out on many other accidents, such as when a council worker caught their little finger in a door, necessitating a ‘traumatic amputation.  Other incidents include injury to another worker’s knee from an attempt to move a photocopier and injuries sustained by heavy lifting in another instance.

The data, which was released in accordance with a Freedom of Information request, indicates that the lion’s share of compensation awards were for instances of lost income due to missed work as council employees healed from their injuries.  Legal experts say that the financial value of every compensation award is a combination of how much time off from work they needed and the pain and suffering they went through as a result of their injuries.

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