Welsh family consider filing personal injury at work claim

A Welsh family are considering raising a claim for personal injury compensation after a personal injury at work had fatal consequences.

60 year old Gareth Young was working for Moulded Paper in Ebbw Vale when the accident occurred in August 2009. He was trying to remove sheet metal from an electrical control cabinet in order to re-use it when the cabinet weighing half a tonne fell and crushed him. Apparantly, Mr Young was not aware that the cabinet was not secured to the premises wall.

The Health and Safety Executive investigated the incident and decided that Moulded Paper was negligent in its duty to ensure the safety of its staff. HSE inspector, Trevor Hay, said that if the company had conducted a competent risk assessment, it would have discovered that the electrical control cabinet that crushed Mr Young was not stable.

In an unrelated recent accident at work near Ipswich, Terence Gardiner was killed when a piece of machinery crushed his neck while he was working for HG Gladwell and Sons.

Although the UK has strict regulations about health and safety at work, accidents like these do still occur. Any employee who has suffered a personal injury at work should contact a personal injury solicitor and file a claim against their employer. By doing this, the employer will be forced to address the problem thus ensuring the safety of other employees.



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