Toxic shoes lead to holidaymaker’s personal injury claims

A pair of toxic shoes were responsible for a holidaymaker’s personal injury claims, after chemical irritants in both shoes burned his feet quite badly, personal injury solicitor experts recently said.

Huddersfield native Chris Heleine, upon planning a holiday to Menorca, went shopping for shoes in Leeds, where the fifty one year old bought the £170 pair.  However, upon his arrival at his holiday destination, Gill, his concerned wife, ended up rushing him to the nearest hospital for emergency treatment after putting on the new shoes.

Mr Heleine’s feet soon began to grow itchy and irritated within just a few hours of donning his new footwear.  A massive blister soon formed on each of his feet, and Mr Heleine’s injuries to his feet were so severe that he needed to return to the hospital every day of his holiday in order to change his dressings, as the risk of his wounds becoming infected was quite high due to Menorca’s high humidity.

Mr Heleine’s legal team has since launched a personal injury compensation claim against Collective Brands, the American firm who manufactured the shoes.  As a result, a settlement out of court was reached in which Mr Heleine will be entitled to a compensation award in the four figures.

Upon returning home from his holiday to Menorca, Mr Heleine had his shoes analysed, discovering that each piece of footwear tested positive for unusually high levels of a vulcanisation accellerator used in the production of rubber called 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole.  This substance is also notorious for causing skin irritation, industry experts say.

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