Don’t cause a cyclist to claim personal injury compensation

 Leigh Day & Co, a firm of personal injury solicitors, has published a list of the Top 10 blackspots for cycling collisions.

The accident solicitors provide legal services to members of British Triathlon and British Cycling and every year they deal with hundreds of personal injury claims from people who have suffered a casualty whilst cycling.

More and more people are taking to their bikes and whilst this is great to see, the surge in popularity has led to an increase in accidents. Solicitor Penny Knight explained that the majority of serious collisions occur either when an HGV turns across a cyclist or a motorist becomes distracted and hits the cyclist from behind. This has become a greater risk since more and more people adopt mobile technology.

The number one reason for cyclists claiming personal injury compensation is a vehicle turning left across his or her path. Second on the blackspot list is the distracted motorist who slams into the back of a cyclist. Hitting a cyclist on a roundabout comes in at number three on the list, whilst vehicles heading towards a cyclist and cutting right across their path is the 4th most common cause of accidents.

Cyclists being hit by the door of a stationery vehicle and cars reversing out of parking spaces and driveways also appear on the cycling blackspot list.

These accidents could all be avoided if motorists paid more attention to what was going on around them. As travel costs increase, cycling could become even more popular and the number of accidents will increase unless drivers remain alert at all times.

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