Mother of medical negligence claimant protests legal reforms

The other of a young boy who made a medical negligence claim for his cerebral palsy due to an oxygen deficiency during his delivery recently came out to protest the proposed governmental reforms to legal aid which could restrict the availability of ‘no win no fee‘ conditional fee arrangements.

Young Aaron Tring, whose case has been brought into the public eye by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, is one of many that could never have been pursued without no win no fee arrangements.  APIL is campaigning hard to fight the new Legal Aid bill working its way through both houses of Parliament, and Aaron’s mother has joined the cause, stating that without personal injury solicitors that were willing to work for a conditional fee, her son’s claim could not have possibly been brought.

Restricting no win no fee and cutting legal aid is a ‘ludicrous’ proposal, he mother said, calling it absolutely mad to do so.  Too many people like her, who have worked their whole lives yet still could not possibly afford legal fees in the event of a claim, would be cut off from their access to justice.

Mistakes need to be learned from, she continued, remarking that it was her desire to discover if the fate that befell her son could have been avoided somehow.  People need to be held to account in the event that they make these mistakes, Aaron’s mother also said.

Young Aaron’s case is one that could possibly never be brought to court if the new reforms are instituted, legal experts say, commenting that negligence victims need to be able to make claims for their injuries, which are quite often life changing.

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