Photographer makes personal injury claims against police

One photographer has made personal injury claims against the Metropolitan Police after he asserts he was struck and left severely injured by a vehicle believed to have been transporting Prince Harry, personal injury solicitors recently reported.

The accident, which occurred in the early hours of the morning outside an exclusive cocktail bar in Chelsea with several other members of the press as they waited for the Prince to emerge, involved the photographer getting struck by an unmarked Ford Galaxy that was believed to have Prince Harry inside, leaving the photographer was with a torn Achilles tendon and a broken leg.  The royal had been thought to been there to celebrate the rugby win of Six Nations over France this past February.

As a result of his injuries, the photographer has been unable to return to work in the wake of the incident.  According to his personal injury lawyers, the man is still in pain and discomfort from his injuries to this day, and he has since launched a compensation claim against the Metropolitan Police, as police officials were thought to be operating the vehicle that allegedly struck the man.

A member of the photographer’s legal team remarked that this collision was a very serious one, and while security for Prince Harry is of course a concern, the individuals responsible for the injuries sustained by the photographer need to accept responsibility for his pain and suffering.  A spokesman for the Scotland Yard did confirm that an unmarked vehicle did collide with a photographer on the date and location in question, with the man reportedly taken to hospital in order to treat his leg injury.

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