Major medical negligence scandal affects women in West Midlands

Hundreds of women in the West Midlands make consider making a medical negligence claim after it was revealed that their breast cancer operation might have been botched.

More than 700 women who were operated on by Ian Paterson, a consultant surgeon, have been urgently recalled for a new examination amid fears that their health could have been put at risk. Many have already been told they will need to undergo a further operation to alleviate the risk of the disease recurring.

One woman has already received a substantial personal injury compensation settlement after her breast cancer returned following surgery conducted by Paterson.

The General Medical Council banned Mr Paterson from conducting breast surgery in the summer after it was discovered that he was not removing all the tissue when he carried out a mastectomy. This was a breach of national guidelines as leaving tissue increases the chances of the cancer recurring.

Paterson had been conducting operations at Solihull Hospital since 1998. Furthermore, he also treated 150 women at two private clinics. All of these women have now been told they need an urgent reassessment.

A medical negligence solicitor said this he was deeply disturbed by this news, especially as so many women are affected.

Solihull hospital does not yet have enough information to be able to say how many women will now need further surgery, but it did confirm that several have already had another operation. The hospital still needs to contact 70 patients and Spire Healthcare has 50 more to approach.

Eight firms of personal injury solicitors in Birmingham are currently reviewing medical negligence claims as a result of Paterson’s actions.

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