Resigning consultant claims medical negligence rife at Barts

Personal injury solicitors in London may be interested in the news that a leading consultant at Barts hospital in London has resigned claiming that NHS cuts have meant that cases of medical negligence are now occurring with frightening regularity.

An inquiry has now been launched into the Barts and London NHS Trust after consultant orthopaedic surgeon, David Goodier, wrote his resignation email claiming that patients with broken bones were suffering physically as managers attempted to hit the waiting list targets whilst coping with reduced budgets.

Mr Goodier said he was furious that the hospital authorities demonstrated no commitment to trauma victims a year ago. He claimed that a manager told him the trust’s priority was to stick to the 18-week waiting time and keep within budget.

He went on to say that the hospital regularly ran out of kit, and that there were not enough operating department practitioners, nurses or beds. The victims are not emergencies but their injuries fester while they are left to wait for treatment.

Hungry patients who think they are about to undergo an operation are regularly told their procedure has been postponed because the recovery room is full or the requisite equipment is not available, he added.

Mr Goodier said he was guilt of clinical negligence by association and could no longer stand by while patients are being physically harmed by the Trust.

The Royal College of Surgeons’ president, Prof Norman Williams, works at Barts on a part-time basis and he has also sent a letter to the hospital’s medical council warning that a failure to investigate the appalling deterioration in surgical services could lead to cover-up allegations similar to those experienced in Mid Staffs. Numerous personal injury claims were raised after hundreds of patients died because of substandard care in a Mid Staffordshire hospital.

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