Leeds woman awarded £2k in personal injury compensation

One Leeds woman has received more than £2,000 in personal injury compensation in the wake of having bitten into a hard foreign object that had been embedded in an oven chip, according to her personal injury solicitors.

Richmond Hill native Susan Stapylton, sixty years of age, had bitten into the embedded object whilst tucking into several Aunt Bessie’s oven chips, which caused one of her fillings to fall out, her personal injury lawyers said.  The West Yorkshire woman’s filling, which spanned two of her wisdom teeth and had been fitted only a handful of days before the incident, was unable to be replaced immediately because Mrs Stapylton had been scheduled for a surgical procedure for the removal of nasal polyps, as they had been affecting her ability to properly breathe through anything but her mouth.

After she was initially offered a voucher for £5 from Aunt Bessie brand owners Heinz, Mrs Stapylton instead sought legal advice, leading to her being awarded compensatory damages of £2,200.  In a recent interview, the sixty year old mother of five remarked that she was grateful that she had not been serving the oven chips to one of her grandchildren, as the object could have quite easily become lodged in their throat, leading to choking.

One Heinz spokesperson commented on the incident, stating that it was an isolated one.  Both the quality and the safety of the company’s products was of the utmost important to Heinz, the spokesperson also remarked.

Legal experts remarked that Heinz, a global food manufacturer, could have been more forthcoming than a £5 voucher for the injured woman, thus avoiding the £2,200 compensation award.

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