Former care worker hurts hand in personal injury at work

After she hurt her hand in a personal injury at work, a former care worker has made a personal injury compensation claim against her erstwhile employer, experts recently reported.

Lucy Thomas, twenty nine years of age, had no choice but to retire from her position at the Royal Blind School as a care worker as a result of health issues precipitated by the accident.  Ms Thomas has since made personal injury claims against he charity for compensatory damages of £100,000.

One of the twenty nine year old’s personal injury solicitors remarked in a court hearing that she had been injured while working with a colleague by using a sling to move one disabled girl into a feeding chair.  However, the girl had repeatedly hyper-extended her body and gone rigid at the time, and as the care worker attempted to fasten the young girl to the feeding chair by the aid of straps around her chest and waist, the girl hyper-extended once more, causing Ms Thomas’ hand to be bent backwards forcibly.

In the wake of the incident, the former care worker necessitated treatment at hospital and still has wrist pain to this day.  The hospital terminated her employment on ill health grounds as well.

Calling the amount of compensation Ms Thomas is claiming ‘excessive,’ the Royal Blind School has disputed the former care worker’s claim by stating that she bears partial responsibility herself for the injuries she sustained.  As the case was currently ongoing, one school spokesperson said that commenting any further would not be possible.

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