A trio of crazy personal injury claims!

Personal injury solicitors may be interested in some of the more bizarre claims to have made the press in recent years.

In 2000, a man from California made a personal injury claim after he sustained burns while performing a nude fire walk. He took part in the event willingly, and if you walk through flames, you’re likely to get burnt!

Another case involved a group of practical jokers who worked together. They played jokes on each other in the workplace, but when one backfired, the victim tried to make a claim for a personal injury at work. When his employer found out the history behind the “accident”, he had the defence he needed and as an added bonus, grounds for dismissal!

Or how about the woman who claimed she was left virtually immobile after a car accident? She said her muscle fibre was damaged and she could not walk for more than ten paces. The woman received compensation of £25,000 but the insurers were not convinced she was telling the truth and hired a private surveillance professional to follow her. He filmed her driving, shopping and walking around normally. The ‘victim’ ended up charged with contempt of court!

We’ve heard a lot about the personal injury compensation culture in the UK this year, and the government is taking steps to put an end to fraudulent claims. But until they do, we’re bound to see more claims like those above from people chancing their arm in the hope of making a fast buck.

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