Go easy on the booze to reduce the chance of personal injury

Personal injury solicitors could be in for a busy time in the New Year after one firm reported that nights out can be bad for our health.

First4lawyers recently published research showing that one in three Brits have injured themselves during a night out and 70% of the injuries were alcohol induced.

The most common form of personal injury during a night on the town comes from falling down. 16.3% of men sustain injuries through fighting, compared to just 1.7% of women. However, 25% of women injure themselves by falling down inside a pub or club, compared to 16% of their male counterparts.

Other common cause of injury include broken glass, falling down the stairs of a bar or nightclub, cigarette burns and in 1.5% of cases – getting run over.

Liverpool comes out top of the alcohol induced injuries league table where 88% of personal injuries on a night out result from drinking. Leeds is in second place at 77%, followed by Nottingham at 76%. People in Cardiff, Newcastle, Norwich and Southampton are much less likely to suffer personal injuries as a result of excess alcohol, the survey found.

Of course if you have suffered an injury for which you are totally to blame, then you will be unlikely to receive any personal injury compensation. However, if somebody else was at fault, then you may want to consider lodging a personal injury claim.

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