Fraudulent personal injury claims uncovered

Two American women were discovered to have made fraudulent personal injury claims after claiming to have suffered injuries in the August Sugarland disaster, where a collapsing stage took the lives of seven people at the Indiana State Fair.

38 year old Sandra Hurn and 25 year old Stephanie Murry made a total personal injury compensation claim of $22,500 (£14,600) in the wake of the tragedy, personal injury solicitor experts familiar with the case report.  The two, who may now be facing prison sentences for the fraud, approached the Indiana Tort Claim Fund and the Indiana State Fair Remembrance Fund for cash, but the fraud was discovered when police were informed by the State Fair Commission that the claims of the two women were ‘questionable.’

In a recent article appearing in the Indiana-based Indy Star newspaper, the 38 year old Hurn’s duplicity was discovered during questioning, when she made the mistake that the country duo Sugarland had performed ‘a couple of songs’ just prior to the collapse when they had not even begun their set at the state fair.  In order to create a paper trail to support her fraudulent claim, Hurn paid visit to area hospitals in the hours after the tragedy and then also produced falsified medical document to give credence to her claims.

Terry Curry, prosecutor for Marion County, Indiana, expressed his inability to understand someone who would decide to capitalise on the tragic circumstances of the stage collapse by fabricating a false personal injury compensation claim.  The majority of people, both in the US and across the globe, would empathise with those injured by the stage collapse and instead express the desire to give aid to the true victims in any possible way, Mr Curry added.

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