Woman wins £37,000 personal injury compensation after fall from horse

A woman has been awarded personal injury compensation of £37,000 after she broke her back in a horse riding accident.

Ceri Tonkinson was on a horse that had not long been broken in when another horse startled it. An employee of the Downside Riding School, Stephen Davies, rode the other animal.

The victim, who was form the South Wales town of Dinas Powys, said she told Mr Davies that her horse became unsettled if it was overtaken but he ignored the warning and as he passed, the horse she was riding reared up and threw her to the ground.

Mrs Tonkinson was an accomplished rider who took part in high level competitive events in the UK. She suffered a broken back and pelvis when she fell and is still in considerable pain and cannot ride for long periods.

She got in touch with a firm of personal injury solicitors and a personal injury claim was lodged against the Penarth Downside Riding School and Mr Davies. Cardiff County Court heard the case and decided that Mrs Tonkinson was eligible for a damages award.

After the hearing, Mrs Tonkinson said that her friends had also witnessed dangerous and inconsiderate riding by some of the riders from the school and after her accident she was no longer prepared to put up with that kind of behaviour. She explained that she filed the claim in the hope that it would force riders from the school to show more consideration to others.

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