Trethowans launches new personal injury website

A new website has recently been launched by leading legal firm Trethowans specifically dedicated to dealing with personal injury claims.

Trethowans team of personal injury solicitors have called the website Critical Injury Lawyers and it is designed to assist people who have suffered an injury or accident and want to make a claim for medical negligence or personal injury compensation.

Medical negligence can occur in a wide variety of different situations, from misdiagnosis to negligent surgery. The new website will handle cases like these, as well as personal injury at work, road traffic accident and industrial disease claims.

The legal teams at Trethowans have successfully dealt with a multitude of medical negligence claims in the past. The firm employs more than 140 people out of their offices in Salisbury and Southampton, and in some cases they will take on a claim on a no win no fee basis. They also offer prospective clients a free 30 minute interview during which time they will advise whether or not your claim is likely to be successful.

In a lot of instances, personal injury claims do not get as far as the courts. A good firm of personal injury solicitors will attempt to negotiate a suitable settlement on behalf of their client. Not only does this save time, but it also saves expensive legal fees.

Anybody who has suffered an injury or accident through the fault of another person is entitled to recompense. Victims who want to make a claim would make be best advised to visit a reputable solicitor for help in obtaining this.

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