Personal injury solicitors attack government proposals

Claim Today Solicitors is to launch a marketing campaign later this month attacking the government’s proposals to change the UK’s legal system.

The firm of personal injury solicitors says the changes will reduce people’s ability to access the justice they are legally entitled to.

The new legal aid bill is set to be written into law in the spring, at which time the system of funding for no win no fee cases will change. Success fees will be abolished and claimants will have to settle their solicitor’s fee from their personal injury compensation.

Legal aid was abolished for people making personal injury claims in 2000 and the government introduced the no win no fee system in its place. This was designed to ensure that everybody could access justice. However, CTS says that pulling the latest changes will mean defendants are less likely to settle out of court and the cost of going to trial will deter the majority of claimants.

The government believes the new changes will help combat the UK’s compensation culture, but CTS says that only about 25% of accident victims actually make a claim and the coalition is simply bowing to the demands of the insurance industry.

Employees who have suffered a personal injury at work will have little chance of getting compensation and the only winners will be rogue employers and large insurance companies, the firm believes.

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