Father of injured son seeks medical negligence payout

A father of an injured child has decided to seek medical negligence compensation after the young boy sustained debilitating brain damage in the wake of a heart attack, personal injury solicitor experts familiar with the case recently reported.

Tianuri Wang was only five months old when he suffered a heart attack due to damage his heart sustained shortly after his birth, according to his father’s personal injury claims, and the young boy now suffers from a myriad of ailments including recurrent chest infections, involuntary seizures and spasms, visual impairment, and spastic cerebral palsy affecting his legs and his arms.  Other medical issues plaguing young Tianuri include noisy breathing, disturbed sleep cycles, needing to be fed through the use of a tube, and an inability to communicate as well.

Quian Wang, the boy’s father, is looking for medical negligence compensation from Swansea’s Singleton Hospital, where Tianuri was born.  Jaing Xie, Mr Wang’s wife, entered hospital in November of 2008 in order to induce a delivery, but a High Court writ claims that hospital staff neglected to treat an infection she developed during her hospital stay, all of which led to Tianuri suffering from oxygen deprivation, sepsis, and infection prior to being born.

The baby was transferred to Cardiff’s University Hospital of Wales after being given drugs and placed on a ventilator in the special care baby unit in Singleton.  Tianuri suffered his first heart attack upon admittance to the Cardiff hospital, and was then transferred to Leicester’s Glenfield Hospital for additional specialist treatment.

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