Forklift truck driver suffers personal injury at work

A forklift truck driver recently sustained a personal injury at work when the computer cabinet he was trying to load onto a trailer struck him on the head, personal injury solicitor experts recently reported.

Barry Hill had been employed as a forklift truck driver by Palletways (UK) Ltd, a logistics firm, at their Lichfield location on  the Fradley Distribution Park, at the time of the incident, which occurred when he attempted to stop the unsteady cabinet from falling from his truck’s forks.  Unfortunately for the 60 year old Mr Hill, the cabinet fell forward, striking him on the head and knocking him to the ground, and the man’s personal injury claims state that he suffered fractures to both his right wrist and his neck as a result.

Mr Hill was in hospital for nearly a week in the wake of the incident.  After spending three and a half months in halo traction, his injuries have left him with partial disabilities, precluding him from returning to work.

According to a Health and Safety Executive investigation that was launched in the aftermath of Mr Hill’s accident, Palletways had neglected to monitor, supervise, and instruct their forklift truck drivers properly.  Additionally, the HSE also found that the company did not have any clear system in place in the event that an accident at work occurred.

Fradley-based Palletways, of Wood End Lane, was levied £60,000 in fines by Stafford Crown Court after the company admitted to breaching health and safety regulations.  Palletways was also told to pay £41,339 in court costs as well.

According to HSE figures, nearly 8,000 incidents involving fork lift trucks occur on a yearly basis, with  many of these accidents leading to serious injuries for employees.

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