Spilt egg costs Asda £27,000 personal injury compensation

A former Asda employee has finally been awarded compensation nearly five years after suffering a personal injury at work.

Irene Heslop had been working in the bakery at the Hulme store when the incident took place in March 2007. She was carrying out her normal duties when she slipped on some egg that had been spilt on the concrete floor. As a result of the fall, the grandmother sustained a suspected fracture to her spine and was unable to lift anything or walk long distances for some time.

Ms Heslop approached the supermarket and asked for a job where the duties were not so heavy. Her request was refused by managers who said no such positions were available. At that point the victim decided to contact a firm of personal injury solicitors to help her make a compensation claim for loss of earnings.

At first, Asda disputed her personal injury claim and even tried to show that the accident had not harmed her. However, when doctors from the Manchester Royal Infirmary provided solicitors with evidence that the victim had in fact suffered, Asda gave in and agreed to pay her personal injury compensation of £27,000.

Her personal injury lawyer said he was disappointed that Asda felt the need to challenge Ms Heslop’s claim. She was an innocent victim of a work accident and Asda should have settled immediately, he said.

Last year, a 73-year-old woman also received compensation from Asda after falling in its Rivergate store.

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