Network Rail face personal injury claim after deaths on crossing

A man is filing a personal injury claim against Network Rail after three members of his family died in an accident.

The parents and uncle of Donald Mackay were killed in September 2009 when their car was hit by a train at an open crossing at Halkirk. Mr Mackay has filed the claim for personal injury compensation because he believes negligence on behalf of Network Rail was responsible for the deaths. Mr Mackay has now hired the services of a personal injury solicitor to help him with the case.

Network Rail is responsible for running and maintaining in excess of 20,000 miles of track throughout the UK, but according to Mr Mackay, they did not have adequate safety precautions in place to stop the incident occurring. He told the John O’Groat Journal that the organisation doesn’t appear to prioritise the implementation of safety measures and it only erected LED lights after his parents and uncle were killed.

Another incident at the same crossing back in October 2002 led to a woman claiming half a million pounds personal injury compensation from Network Rail.

It’s not only innocent members of the public who have suffered under the hands of Network Rail. Last year it was disclosed that as many as 40% of the injuries sustained by employees of Network Rail were not reported. A report by the Rail Safety and Standards Board claimed this was because workers felt they would be passed by for work if reported an injury.

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