Will 2012 be the year we take responsibility for our own wellbeing?

David Cameron has vowed to stamp out the personal injury compensation culture once and for all in 2012.

According to the PM, health and safety compensation is destroying jobs and people should be encouraged to take responsibility for their own safety rather than relying on others to do it for them. He said British businesses feel health and safety regulations are like an albatross hanging around their necks.

He also announced a raft of measures to put an end to chancers who contact personal injury solicitors in the hope of filing a spurious health and safety claim. Cameron intends to extend the cap on the fees personal injury lawyers receive for handling personal injury claims valued at less than £25,000.

The coalition will also abolish the laws that deem an employer to be automatically responsible for a personal injury at work, even when the victim has purposely flouted company regulations.

The PM said he wants 2012 to be the year Britain rids itself of pointless time wasting as well as the year of the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics. Businesses waste a vast amount of time, as well as billions of pounds protecting themselves against litigation. They have to wade through risk assessment forms on a daily basis, whilst living in fear of massive compensation claims.

Mr Cameron is organising a Downing Street summit and major insurance companies will be invited to explain what steps the sector will take to eliminate insane compliance levels.

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