Personal injury solicitors secure compensation for farm worker

Personal injury solicitors recently secured compensation for a farm worker who suffered a personal injury at work.

The victim was a tractor driver and on the day the accident occurred he was working on his own, pulling a cultivator to prepare some farmland for planting.

Before the tractor could be driven out of the field and onto the road, the cultivator had to be raised and stowed. The majority of cultivators achieve this by means of a mechanical system, such as a lifting crank or a hydraulic pump. However, the cultivator in question was old and had to be raised manually. The machine was extremely heavy and the tractor driver had to strain to lift it. While he was doing so, his foot slipped and he fell forwards striking his shoulder against the machine with some force.

After the accident, the victim complained of a frozen shoulder and he developed tendonitis. As well as being unable to work for a while, he needed physiotherapy and injections of steroids to aid his recovery.

The worker believed his employer was responsible for the accident, saying it would not have happened if he had been provided with more suitable equipment. The employer should also have conducted a risk assessment to make sure the task was being carried out in the safest possible way. In fact the employer did attach a lifting crank after the accident.

The employer did accept liability for the accident and the tractor driver received personal injury compensation of £6,000.

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