Medical negligence from cosmetic surgery is on the increase

Personal injury solicitors are seeing an increasing number of medical negligence claims from people who have suffered at the hands of plastic surgeons.

Data from the Medical Defence Union shows that personal injury compensation claims arising from cosmetic surgery are upheld in 45% of all cases. For medical negligence claims in general, the figure is 30%. The Union also said there had been a significant increase in the number of claims over the last five years.

One such case involved a claimant who said the surgeon did not get fully informed consent or collect a full medical history before a facelift operation. The claimant went on to suffer a stroke after the procedure and eventually received more than half a million pounds in compensation.

Other cases highlighted by the MDU involved a man who ended up with breathing problems after a nose reduction and a woman who received the wrong size breast implants.

Steve Cannon, a council member of the RCSE, said the MDU’s data backs up calls for proper regulation of the cosmetic surgery sector.

The Royal College of General Practioners’ chair, Dr Clare Gerada, explained that while it may be easy to obtain cosmetic surgery, profit should never override high quality care.

The RCSE is updating its guidance for members who carry out cosmetic surgery procedures but Dr Gerada says she is concerned that the NHS may need to treat an increasing number of cosmetic surgery victims in the future.

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