Qantas nosedive costs airline £250,000 personal injury compensation

Personal injury solicitors may be interested to learn that 144 passengers on a 2008 Qantas flight recently shared a £250,000 personal injury compensation pay out.

303 people were flying from Singapore to Perth on an Airbus A330 when the incident that gave rise to the personal injury claim occurred.

Henry Bishop, a 67 passenger from the UK, said the experience was horrendous and both he and his wife thought they were going to die when the plane nosedived not once, but twice, plunging 690 feet.

He went on to say that pandemonium ensued when the plane eventually bottomed out. There were also reports that some passengers hit the ceiling and those who were not wearing a seat belt were tossed around the plane.

As a direct result of the two nosedives, sixteen passengers sustained severe injuries. The victims have now launched a class action lawsuit against plane maker Airbus and Northrop Grumman, a company dealing in aviation technology.

Personal injury lawyers representing the passengers said that one sustained a fractured vertebra, while others had broken bones and cuts and most of them suffered psychological trauma.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau conducted an investigation and found that 110 passengers plus three quarters of the crew members suffered some kind of injuries in the incident; 39 of them required hospital treatment when the plane landed.

The cause of the nosedive was discovered to be a flight computer malfunction and Northrop Grumman has since corrected the fault.

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