HSE prosecutes aluminium casting firm for worker injury

The Government’s Health and Safety Executive have prosecuted an aluminium casting firm after one of its employees suffered serious serious molten metal burns in a personal injury at work, experts say.

Asim Qureshi, forty one years of age, had been an employee at the Droitwich Road factory of JVM Castings when the incident occurred.  Personal injury solicitor experts say Mr Qureshi had been operating a die casting machine when molten metal sprayed out from the machine’s back, burning through his clothing as it showered over him.

The molten metal, which is capable of reaching temperatures as hot as 650 degrees Celsius, seriously burned Mr Qureshi on his face, shoulder, right arm, and leg, HSE investigators told Worcester Magistrates’ Court.  The factory worker sustained such serious injuries that in addition to being unable to return to work for a period of two months, he also has burn scars on his leg and hand to this day.

The rear end of the die casting machine was not guarded, according to HSE investigators.  The investigation also discovered that the eye protection and clothing issued to Mr Qureshi were also not suitable for the task, personal injury compensation experts say, and the Tamworth-based firm was levied a £6,000 fine after admitted to being in breach of health and safety regulations at the court hearing.

The manufacturing industry is one of the most dangerous ones in regards to injuries at work, according to official figures.  Thousands of workers suffer serious injuries every year due to health and safety breaches, according to the HSE, with industry experts calling for stricter adherence to regulations in order to avoid incidents that can be both physically painful and debilitating for workers and potentially costly for employers.

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