Bubble wrap machine claims three fingers from employee

A bubble wrap machine in the factory of a global manufacturing company has claimed three fingers of an employee in a personal injury at work that saw the company prosecuted by the Government’s Health and Safety Executive, experts report.

Personal injury solicitors familiar with the case state that Leighton Buzzard native, Daniel Winters, had been working at the Buckinghamshire factory of Sansetsu (UK) Ltd at the time of the incident, where he was tasked with operating the device.  Designed to heat plastic to temperatures exceeding 200 degrees Celsius, the bubble wrap machine had become jammed with waste fragments, and Mr Winters had attempted to clear these fragments from it when one of his hands became trapped between two powered rollers, according to a recent hearing at Milton Keynes Magistrates’ Court.

Mr. Winters’ personal injury claims indicate that he sustained life changing injuries in the work accident, as he lost three fingers off of his right hand.  While he has been able to return to work in the wake of the incident, he no longer serves in the same capacity that he did previous to his injuries.

The HSE investigated the incident, finding that the machine that caused Mr Winters’ injuries had not been guarded effectively, leaving the dangerous moving parts exposed and factory employees at risk from it.  As a result of the HSE prosecution, Sansetsu (UK) Ltd admitted to breaching health and safety regulations related to the use of work equipment and was levied fines of £7,000.  The company was also ordered to pay a total of £2,742 in court costs as well.

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