Personal injury solicitors win injured woman £75,000

Personal injury solicitors for one woman who was injured in a fall at a city centre café have won her a personal injury compensation award of £75,000, industry experts recently reported.

According to an article appearing in the Swindon Advertiser newspaper, the unnamed seventy year old woman, whose identity has been withheld from the press due to privacy concerns, had entered Swindon’s Lantern Café, located on Havelock Street, but went crashing to the floor after tripping over a door-mat at the café’s entrance and knocking several tables over as she fell.  The elderly pensioner suffered injuries to both shoulders in the fall,  dislocating one and breaking the other, while her knee also sustained serious injuries as well.

According to her personal injury claims, the woman’s injuries kept her in hospital for more than two weeks.  In the wake of the incident, she also claims that her injuries have yet to fully recover, making the accomplishment of climbing the staris and other everyday tasks painfully difficult.

Once the elderly pensioner took legal advice from her personal injury solicitors, she launched her personal injury compensation claim against the café’s insurance provider.  After the insurer admitted liability in the incident, the injured woman was given a £75,000 compensation award.

In a recent interview with the newspaper, the woman said that the new mat caused her fall, as she went over as soon as setting foot on it.  The owners of the café declined to take the opportunity to comment when approached by the newspaper, it said.

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