Grandmother of four awarded personal injury compensation

Personal injury solicitors recently helped a victim of a road traffic accident to secure personal injury compensation.

The grandmother from County Durham was waiting at a roundabout when a 4 x 4 crashed into the back of her car. As a result of the accident, the woman sustained a slipped disc in her spine.

Shortly after the accident, the woman had physiotherapy to relieve the pains in her neck and shoulder. However, she started suffering from heaviness in her arms and tingling in her legs. Doctors told her she would have to undergo an operation and she could no longer undertake the heavier aspects of her care warden duties.

The woman went on to have surgery to replace the damaged disc and it was four months before she was fit enough to return to work.

After the accident, she asked Thompsons Solicitors to file a personal injury claim against the other driver. The driver accepted liability for the incident and an out of court settlement of £21,596 was agreed.

After receiving the settlement, the victim said she was delighted with the result. The surgery had worked and she was now able to carry out her daily duties at work just as she had done before the crash. However, she may be more prone to spinal problems in the future.

The personal injury lawyer who took on the case said this significant injury impacted both the working and the social life of the victim. Anyone who has been injured in a road traffic accident has the right to obtain independent legal advice, and if deemed appropriate, to file a claim for compensation.

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