Accidents at local schools cost councils £2.2m

Injury solicitors have won more than £2.2 million for their clients from three councils after pupils and staff at three local schools sustained injuries.

According to personal injury solicitor experts writing for the Staffordshire Sentinel newspaper, Stoke-on-Trent City Council paid out more than £744,000 in personal injury compensation over the past three years on thirty four successful claims.  Meanwhile, nearly £891,000 was paid out by Staffordshire County Council on a total of 88 combined claims between pupils and employees, while thirty six claimants collectively received more than £590,000 from Cheshire East Council.

Payouts were large in all three cases, with the most compensation going to a woman for a broken ankle, earning £260,059.  Other large six-figure payments made to claimants include two over £100,000 in value for two separate instances of individuals slipping on ice, according to the newspaper article.

Many five-figure sums were paid to claimants as well, such as the nearly £24,000 paid to a schoolgirl who suffered an injury to her foot after a bus ran it over, and the almost £20,000 that was paid to a teaching assistant  after a faulty chair aggravated a previously extant back injury.

One National Union of Teachers representative from Staffordshire commented on the massive payouts, remarking that the nature of cases brought against local authorities in the region means that compensation would only have been paid to the claimants if negligence was demonstrated on the part of the council.

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