Factory worker suffers personal injury at work in fall

One factory worker from Hertfordshire suffered personal injury at work in a fall from height as he worked to dismantle warehouse racking, according to personal injury solicitors familiar with the case.

Baldock native Denis Cronin, forty seven years of age, had been employed as a warehouse worker by Benchmark Fabrication.  Mr Cronin fell from the racking at the Hunting Gate, Hitchin warehouse, alighting six feet below on a wooden pallet, according to his personal injury claims.

Mr Cronin suffered serious injury in the fall, fracturing his pelvis in three different places so severely that he needed to stay in hospital for a full week in the wake of the incident.  The man’s complete recovery time was more than 12 weeks, experts say.

The Health and Safety Executive investigated the incident, discovering that Mr Cronin’s manager had instructed to use parts of the racking he had been tasked with dismantling as a ladder.  This appeared to be one of the standard practices within the warehouse, the HSE also found, which led the Government regulator to successfuly prosecute the firm at Hertford Magistrates’ Court.

The Letchworth-based Benchmark Fabrication Ltd admitted breaching Work at Height Regulations at the hearing, leading the company to be fined a total of £20,000.  The company also faces a total of £2,923.50 in court costs as well, experts say.

In the aftermath of the hearing at Hertford Magistrates’ Court, one inspector for the HSE remarked that it was extremely dangerous to climb warehouse racking.  Benchmark should have realised how dangerous such an activity was, the inspector added, and should have provided safe equipment instead, such as a small tower scaffold or a set of library steps.

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