Solicitor wins medical negligence compensation for stroke victim

A firm of personal injury solicitors was recently able to secure medical negligence compensation for a woman who suffered a stroke at the Royal London Hospital.

The woman was receiving coiling treatment for an aneurysm. The treatment involved deploying tiny platinum coils into the aneurism to prevent it bursting or rupturing. She had received one successful course of treatment but returned to the hospital for a second procedure in October 2005.

During this second treatment, a coil became either displaced or dropped and floated into a blood vessel in the woman’s brain. Although attempts were made to retrieve it, they were unsuccessful and the woman suffered a stroke, causing her to suffer hemiplegia. The right side of her body was affected, including her arm and leg. Furthermore, the condition affected her memory and attention span and left her with speech problems and reduced balance.

Barts and The London NHS Trust did admit liability for the incident saying the coils used were of an inappropriate size and this was the cause of the stroke.

The medical negligence solicitor in charge of the case was able to secure personal injury compensation for her client. The award has paid for private physiotherapy that has helped improve the woman’s ability to walk, as well as buying equipment and paying a support worker.

The woman has now relocated to the South coast and taken up recreational activities such as swimming again, an activity she could not do for some years after she suffered the stroke.



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