Government committed to streamlining personal injury claims

The Government is committed to streamlining the personal injury claims process for handling issues of public liability and public liability, but needs time to take consultation over the details, it recently announced.

It announced its intentions to introduce a new scheme to handle such claims as part and parcel to a packet of measures designed to bring reforms to the civil justice regime.  However, the government also acknowledged that there are several concerns relating to issues such as contributory negligence (such as in instances of medical negligence) and causation, and more consultation will be needed in order to iron out details with stakeholders.

The new personal injury compensation scheme for road traffic accidents, which was launched nearly two years ago, will most likely have a heavy influence on the nascent scheme, experts with the Ministry of Justice said.  The Ministry said that the scheme was created in order to keep legal costs down by facilitating claims filing over the internet and to encourage settlements early in the legal process, and following a full evaluation, the Government has plans to raise the scheme’s financial limit to £25,000, up fro its current cap of £10,000.

The Government’s announcement was welcomed by the Association of British Insurers, with its general insurance director, Nick Starling, commenting that the news was good for those claimants that could see their compensation payouts made to them in a much quicker than they are currently.  According to the research results, the process has led to average payouts being reduced by more than half in less than two years, Mr Starling added.

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