Britain must lose title of whiplash capital of Europe

Britain is going to lose its dubious title of whiplash capital of Europe, and Justine Greening, the transport secretary says she is going to make it happen.

Last week Ms Greening said she was going to introduce tough new curbs on fake car accident personal injury claims involving snail pace speeds, as well as thorough medical checks. She also expressed her intention to target ambulance chasing personal injury solicitors who are raking in millions.

The Daily Mail recently revealed that there are 5,399 claims management companies in the UK. The Government has closed down 707 of them but the rest are still referring accident victims to no win no fee solicitors.

One solution being considered by the minister is a ban on whiplash claims if the accident happened at less than 6.25 mph. That law seems to work well in Germany. She is also considering calls for those deliberately causing an accident in order to claim personal injury compensation to be guilty of a criminal offence carrying a possible jail sentence.

We now have more than 1,500 claims per day for whiplash injuries in the UK and this is pushing up the cost of car insurance. And yet, the number of fatalities and injuries on our roads are decreasing yearly.

Claims management companies are currently bombarding Brits with text messages encouraging them to make a claim if they have been in an accident. They appear to select numbers randomly ‘just on the off case’ and this could encourage the less than honest to make a spurious claim.

I’m sure all drivers would like to see an end to this practice, if only to reduce their annual insurance premiums.

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