Are residents of Cardiff and Norwich injury prone?

We love statistics in the UK and this latest list, compiled by a specialist firm of personal injury solicitors, might interest readers of this website.

First4lawyers investigated different UK cities to discover the most common personal injuries in each.

Residents of Cardiff and Norwich would appear to be most at risk of suffering a personal injury, according to the research. They topped the injury charts in three different categories. Geordies and residents of Sheffield were top in two categories each, whilst Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, London and Manchester avoided a top spot in any injury category.

Of course not all of these sufferers will have filed a personal injury claim but 19% of Newcastle residents claim to have suffered a back injury. Personal injury lawyers in Bristol may see the largest number of compensation claims for broken arms and bones in the hand, with 8% of residents saying they have sustained such injuries.

Sheffield topped the league for neck and head injuries, whilst residents of Cardiff suffered the most bruised and cracked ribs, broken legs and broken toe and foot bones.

8% of those questioned were absent for more than a month after their accident and 2.5% have never gone back to work.

If you have suffered an accident that was caused by the action or neglect of another person, you may be entitled to claim personal injury compensation. Victims would be well advised to contact a personal injury specialist for advice as soon as possible after the accident occurred.

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