PM says whiplash claims need to be curbed

Whiplash claims need to be curbed, David Cameron has recently said, with the prime minster vowing to take steps to rein in personal injury solicitors that are feeding the so-called ‘compensation culture’ in the UK by encouraging spurious personal injury claims, industry experts report.

The prime minister is poised to meet with representatives from the largest motor insurers in the country, such as Aviva, Axa, and Admiral, in the effort to allay the fears of ministers that the massive costs associated with personal injury compensation cases, which are passed along from insurers to customers in the form of raised premiums, are working to erode the living standards of the average Brit.

Mr Cameron remarked that he has determination to take the problem head-on, saying that he wants to find a way to put an end to trivial claims and to free business up from the massive amounts of ‘red tape’ plaguing them in the form of health and safety regulations. ┬áMPs have become more and more anxious about high claims figures, with many blaming some insurance providers for driving these figures up through predatory tactics such as selling lawyers the personal details of their customers, which these lawyers will then use to drive legal activity by convincing individuals to make claims.

However, Lib Dems have leveled accusations of hypocrisy at ministers for claiming to tackle the problem, yet blocking legal aid bill amendments that would act to prevent insurance companies from purchasing or selling on the details of customers in order to market them legal services.

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