Transport company pays out £4.3m injury compensation in 5 years

Personal injury solicitors in Northern Ireland lodged 330 successful claims for compensation against Translink, the company that runs the country’s public transport system.

Translink pays out an average £2,000 every day to people who have been injured in an accident involving one of its vehicles.

Over the last five years, the company is thought to have paid out £4.3 million in personal injury compensation. Last year the company was involved in some high profile personal injury claims including a double decker bus that overturned near Belfast’s Central Station and an accident where two women nearly died when a bus crashed into a bus shelter.

Jimmy Spratt, the chairman of the Assembly committee overseeing transport in Northern Ireland, expressed his concern at the high number of personal injury claims. He admitted that accidents do happen but the extent of the compensation bill seems excessive and Translink needs to be more proactive in dramatically reducing the number of incidents its vehicles are involved in.

A total of £4,388,000 was paid out to claimants between 2006 and 2011. 1,586 awards were made to motorists and a further 86 were public liability claims.

A spokesperson for Translink said claims arise for a variety of reasons but the company is actively trying to reduce their cost. When you consider the scale of the company’s operations, the number of claims is small. About 80 million passenger journeys are made each year, the spokesperson continued. Translink’s trains cover 2.9 million miles each year and buses 43 million miles. The company also prosecutes people who make fraudulent claims.

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