Better safety measures could prevent personal injuries at work

Despite stricter health and safety regulations in the workplace, personal injury solicitors still see a lot of clients who have slipped or tripped and as result suffered a personal injury at work.

A recent example involved a man who worked in a warehouse. A forklift truck had been leaking oil onto the floor and it had not been cleaned up. The man slipped on the oil and crashed to the ground, hitting his back and head with some force. The victim was admitted to hospital with a fractured spine and had to remain there, wearing a brace, for bed rest.

His recovery period lasted several months and this meant he was absent from work for quite a while. Not only did he lose earnings, he eventually lost his job due to ill health. He did eventually recover and was able to secure a new position.

However, the victim felt he was entitled to personal injury compensation because his employer had not ensured that the warehouse was maintained in a safe condition. He visited a firm of solicitors who launched a personal injury claim on his behalf. The solicitors also suggested how much they felt their client should receive when the extent of his injuries and subsequent loss of earnings were taken into consideration.

The claim was successful and the man received a compensation award to cover his loss of earnings and the expenditure he incurred during his recovery period.

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