Medical negligence claims against NHS continue to rise

People normally go into hospital to receive treatment and recover from illnesses, so why are we seeing an increase in the amount of people who actually contract illnesses whilst they are there?

The problem has been blamed on poor hospital conditions, and as it grows, so will the number of medical negligence claims that are filed against the NHS.

A lot of these illnesses prove to be fatal. Unbelievably, the number of patients who die because of bedsores is equal to those who die of MRSA in our hospitals. It costs the NHS around £2 billion a year in personal injury compensation settlements to meet these bed sore related conditions.

Figures from the ONS show that 27,000 patients died from bedsores or infected wounds in 2010. Nobody should suffer from these problems in hospital, and if they do, it suggests that the level of basic care is sadly lacking.

We also have more people filing personal injury claims against the NHS for misdiagnosis. Recently personal injury solicitors represented a woman who developed appendicitis while she was pregnant and Northwick Park hospital failed to diagnose it. The baby she was carrying at the time, now a 29-year-old man, cannot use his limbs and his speech and vision impairments are so bad that he needs full time care. The mother received £6 million in compensation.

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