Medical negligence victims should not be denied justice!

Another firm of personal injury solicitors has spoken out against the government’s plans to withdraw the right to Legal Aid for victims of medical negligence.

Attwaters, a Harlow law firm, says vulnerable members of society will no longer be able to claim compensation because restrictions on success fees will deter medical negligence solicitors from taking no win no fee cases.

David Kerry, a partner in the firm as well as a clinical negligence specialist, said justice ministers should rethink the current proposals. A lot of firms believe that withdrawing Legal Aid will mean that a lot of people who have suffered at the hands of negligent medical professionals will be denied the justice they deserve.

The only option open to many of them will be to find a solicitor who will take their case on a no win no fee basis. However, the government also intends to put restrictions on success fees and some solicitors may be reluctant to take on complex cases.

This could have devastating results for families when a baby is born with permanent brain damage. They will be unable to get the financial support they need to take care of the child’s lifetime needs.

Rob Halfon, the Tory MP for Harlow, recently met with Mr Kerry to discuss the issue and promised to pressurize Jonathan Djanogly, the Justice Minister, into making concessions to the Legal Aid Bill.

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