Injury solicitors are still busy dealing with accident claims

A man is considering lodging a claim for personal injury compensation after he had a personal injury at work that resulted in two of his fingers being amputated.

The man, who was 34 at the time the incident occurred, lost most of his right ring and index fingers when his arm was dragged into the mechanism of a lathe in March 2010.

The Health and Safety Executive launched an inquiry into the accident and discovered that the victim’s employer, Proseal UK, had allowed him to carry out the work wearing gloves. This went against health and safety guidance and Lisa Lewis from the HSE explained that the injury would not have occurred if the company had adhered to HSE guidance.

In a totally unrelated incident, an ambulance technician is seeking compensation to the tune of £60,000 after sustaining an injury to his ankle while he was at work.

Paul De Lara injured his ankle joint while he was attempting to move a pensioner he had saved from cardiac arrest. De Lara required a period of eight months away from work and even after he was fit enough to return, he still needed to walk with crutches for a few months.

Although the incident took place in March 2008, Mr De Lara recently visited a firm of personal injury solicitors and asked them to file a case against his employer – the Scottish Ambulance Service. 57-year-old De Lara told the Edinburgh Court of Session that he had not received training on the transportation of a patient downstairs to the ambulance when a stairlift was present.

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