Birmingham man found guilty of personal injury fraud

One man from Birmingham was found to have been attempting to defraud his car insurance company, resulting in his personal injury compensation claim being thrown out of court and being told to pay more than £24,000 in court costs for the chicanery, personal injury solicitor experts recently reported.

52 year old Nigel Jackson had submitted personal injury claims after allegedly sustaining injuries in a traffic accident in Birmingham on Pershaw Road in July of 2010.  The defendant named in the claim, Sutton Coldfield-native James Rea, 25 years of age, had collided with Mr Jackson’s car from behind at only a few miles per hour, prompting the older man to seek damages for a whiplash-related injury that lasted several months.

At a trial heldat Birmingham Civil Justice Centre on February 17 of this year, inconsistencies with Mr Jackson’s evidence were discovered in comparison to information given to medical experts and original witness testimony.  The inconsistent information continued, with Mr Jackson reporting that he was an ‘entertainer’ at the inception of the trial when asked what he did for a living, yet he reported his occupation as an electrical engineer on his original claim form.

Mr Jackson admitted in open court that he did not list his true profession on his insurance cover, as instead reporting to Esure, his insurer at the time, that he was an electrical engineer resulted in being given cheaper insurance quotes.  However, the insurer’s chief executive officer, Stuart Vann, commented that fraud is not tolerated by the company, and that it takes a ‘strong, hard-hitting approach’ to the detection and prevention of fraudulent activity on the part of its customers.

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