NHS doctors take two months to diagnose a broken foot!

A Yorkshire woman has won medical negligence compensation after a hospital failed to spot that her foot was broken.

The 52-year-old woman was in excruciating pain when she first visited the hospital. She was unable to walk and yet despite having an X-ray on her foot, doctors still did not realise that it was broken.

The woman said she knew something was wrong but you tend not to question doctors, especially when they had carried out the X-ray. However, it transpires that they made various mistakes. Although the X-ray clearly showed a broken bone, they neglected to inform her and failed to take any action to reset it.

A fortnight after her initial trip to the hospital, the patient returned and was told she just needed to rest the injury. Two months after he first hospital visit, the woman went to see her GP and was given the accurate diagnosis.

The personal injury solicitor who handled the victim’s complaint explained that the bone took much longer to heal than it should have done simply because it took two months longer than it should have done for her to start getting the correct treatment. This delay also caused her to suffer more pain and discomfort than necessary.

A spokesperson from the NHS North Yorkshire and York Hospital Trust confirmed that the woman’s personal injury compensation claim had been settled.

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