Tesco ordered to pay £44.5k in personal injury compensation

One major supermarket chain has been told it must pay a sum of £44,500 in personal injury compensation to an elderly shopper who sustained serious personal harm after being struck by a pallet truck at a Leicester branch.

Angela Pownell, aged eighty years, had been at the Beaumont Leys Tesco Extra store with her husband John when she was struck by a pallet truck being pulled through the site by Terry Parkinson, one of the store’s warehouse workers, personal injury solicitor experts writing for the Leicester Mercury newspaper say.  Mrs Pownell was rushed to hospital for her injuries, as the pallet truck scraped against her shins so severely to leave ‘flaps of skin’ torn loose and hanging from her wounds.

Leicester City Council investigated the incident, leading to the supermarket giant being prosecuted by the local authority for their role in Mrs Pownell’s injuries.  After Tesco was tried and found guilty for neglecting to take the necessary steps to prevent the risk of injury from non-staff members, the supermarket giant was given a fine of £20,000 and told to pay an additional £24,500 in court costs as well, injury solicitor experts said.

Mrs Pownell read a statement out in court, recounting how she had not seen the approach of the pallet truck.  The pain she experienced in the wake of the accident was described as the worst she had ever felt, though the supermarket giant had paid an undisclosed sum to the eighty year old woman in order to compensate her for the pain and suffering she experienced as a result of her injuries.

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