Leicester man to make personal injury compensation claim

One man from Leicester is set to make a £250,000 personal injury compensation claim after he suffered a broken ankle during a day out at an amusement park, according to injury solicitors familiar with the case.

Mark Simpson, fifty one years of age, had been visiting Kettering’s Wicksteed Park with his family at the time of the incident, which involved the water chute he was riding on becoming stuck upon a ramp.  Personal injury compensation experts writing for the Northants Evening Telegraph newspaper report that the amusement park’s workers were working to winch the water chute’s boat back up the ramp, advising Mr Simpson to climb out once it became stuck.

However, Mr Simpson fell back into the boat as it moved violently, and he landed at an awkward angle on the seats of the boat, leading to injuries to his knee, wrist, and shoulder in addition to his broken ankle.  The injured man subsequently developed a clot in his lung that has resulted in a diminished ability to find a job, claims Mr Simpson, and in a personal injury compensation claim against the amusement park, the fifty one year old man is seeking £250,000 for the pain and suffering he sustained as a result of the firm’s negligence in handling the situation.

The insurance company for the amusement park has since admitted liability for Mr Simpson’s injuries.  However, both sides are yet to reach an agreement in regards to the level of compensation to be given to the injured man.

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