Hit and run victim gets £11,000 personal injury compensation

With the help of a firm of personal injury solicitors, a 59-year-old granddad was recently awarded £11,000 personal injury compensation after he was involved in a hit and run.

The victim was cycling from Chelmsford railway station to his home in Great Waltham when the accident occurred in September 2010. He was knocked to the ground when a car hit the front wheel of his bicycle. As he lay in agony in the road, the driver of the car sped away.

A witness to the accident chased the fleeing motorist and when he caught the car, the driver claimed he would return to the scene and provide his details, but instead he drove off in the opposite direction. Luckily for the victim, the witness had the sense of mind to take the registration details of the motorist.

Police tried to apprehend the guilty motorist to no avail for six months and eventually had to close the case. However the victim, who had spent several months wearing a sling to repair his dislocated shoulder, decided to contact a firm of personal injury lawyers to fight the case on his behalf.

An associate solicitor from the firm explained that the driver’s insurance company eventually admitted liability for the accident and the victim received an £11,000 compensation award for the physical and emotional trauma he suffered at the hands of the selfish motorist.

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