Personal injury solicitors secure £175k payment to injured man

A man who injured his right hand in a personal injury at work has recently been awarded £175,000 in compensation thanks to the efforts of his personal injury solicitors, it was recently revealed.

According to a recent article appearing in the Chorley Citizen newspaper, Heath Riley, of Burnley, had sustained the injuries in January of 2009  when a skip he had been delivering fell upon and crushed his hand.  The skip that fell and injured him had been stacked insecurely, and the owner, Enviro Skips Ltd, admitted subsequently that it had been ‘damaged and unsafe’ for use.

Mr Riley, an Oswaldtwistle native, had no choice but to suffer through an amputation of his thumb at the scene, according to his personal injury claims, and he also had to have an additional finger surgically removed at the Royal Preston Hospital.  Mr Riley, who suffered these injuries to his dominant hand, found himself without the ability to return to his job as a manual labourer and has also experienced extreme difficulties in carrying out leisure activities and everyday tasks.

However, Enviro Skips made an admission of liability in the case, which saw Mr Riley being awarded a £175,000 pay out for his pain, suffering, and loss of wages.  The settlement figure has been called a ‘significant’ one by legal experts, and while the funds may go a long way towards the continuing costs now faced by the injured man in regards to pain relief, Mr Riley will have to live with the lingering effects of the injury for the rest of his life.

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